Faces of 4Site - Heming Nelson, President

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Faces of 4Site – Heming Nelson, President




Heming Nelson

In this series, we will be featuring the different staff members of 4Site Studios. We asked each member of the team to answer a few questions about themselves to give you a sense of who they are. This week, we interviewed Heming Nelson, our Founder and President.

1)  In 250 characters or less, tell us your life story.

I’ve since spent most of my adult life in Washington, DC, working in politics, news media, survey research, and finally website development and videography. I have a wife, twins toddlers, and a dog. I love DC, especially Rock Creek Park. And I like beer.

2) When/why/how did you get involved professional with digital technology and design?

I got involved in digital technology while working at a think tank in the mid-90’s. There was this new thing called the Information Superhighway that Al Gore had invented, and I wrote a report predicting that it would radically change the way health care was delivered in the U.S.

3) What expression or quote would best describe your personality?

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

4) What is your favorite piece of digital technology and why?

I love the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor. Its brought cinema-quality to the masses and allowed anyone to be a digital storyteller.

5) What is one topic you know way too much about?

I once wrote 500 trivia questions about the U.S. Presidency.

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