Transform Your WordPress Shares with ShareThumb

When links to your website are shared on social media, ShareThumb instantly generates a “smart” social card that grabs people’s attention. ShareThumb automatically embeds the page title in the image and adds your branding, and it updates your thumbs every time you update your content.

Why Choose ShareThumb?

Understanding the challenges faced by marketers today, we recognize that time and resources are a precious commodity. The dilemma is clear, in a competitive landscape, how can one ensure their brand stands out without investing significant time into creative efforts? This is where ShareThumb comes in! It’s a ‘set and forget’ tool that enhances your brand identity across all links, effortlessly.

With no need for registration or credit card details, and being free for unlimited use, ShareThumb simplifies social media optimization. It automatically creates engaging, brand-aligned social cards for each shared link, ensuring a professional and consistent brand presence. This ease of use extends to all platforms, from Facebook to WhatsApp, ensuring that your shared content always looks its best.

With social media being a critical driver of engagement and revenue, it’s essential to capitalize on this channel efficiently and effectively. ShareThumb isn’t just about only saving time, it is about maximizing impact.

  • Takes just five minutes to install.

  • No trial period, use it for free, forever.

  • No credit card required.

  • You don’t even need to register.

ShareThumb is FREE to use for an UNLIMITED number of pages on your WordPress website.

4Site ShareThumb turns your Dumb Thumbs into Smart Thumbs.

Test drive the ShareThumb Beta?

Can’t wait until the official release to start creating smart thumbs?
No problem, we’ll send you the plugin file to upload to your WordPress Website.

Features That Make a Difference

Social Media Optimization

Tired of sharing a link on Facebook, Twitter, or Slack and seeing the ugly thumb the platform creates for your beautiful content? Or worse, no preview image at all! Now you can create engaging cards for your pages when they are shared on Instagram, iMessage, and WhatsApp.

ShareThumb Optimizes Shared Content on Faceboook
ShareThumb Optimizes Shared Content on Instagram
ShareThumb Optimizes Shared Content on LinkedIn
ShareThumb Optimizes Shared Content on Discord
ShareThumb Optimizes Shared Content on Slack
ShareThumb Optimizes Shared Content on Twitter
ShareThumb Optimizes Shared Content on WhatsApp
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Set it and forget it

No matter which page you (or your superfans) are sharing – a custom image will automatically be displayed with your link. Just specify your fonts, colors, logo, and layout. ShareThumb will take care of the rest.

  • No need to spend hours creating Canva thumb images.
  • No double-checking to make sure your social cards are appearing correctly.
  • Just set it and forget it.

Supercharge your content marketing with our Pro subscription

When your content marketing is mission-critical, ShareThumb provides a fistful of additional tools at your fingertips.

  • Analytics to find out where your site is being shared.
  • A.I. to call out power-words in your page title.
  • Support from real humans to ensure your team gets the most value out of ShareThumb.
  • It’s free to signup and start using, then just upgrade within the app for only $49 per month!
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